Happy Hour Sale! Spring Cleaning Edition

Yay! It's the most wonderful time of the year...and no, it ain't Christmas. It's Big Barn World's Happy Hour!

This Friday May 9th at Noon (Pacific Time) we'll have a special spring cleaning sale with lots of goodies. Basically, Melonie was super lazy during winter and didn't clean sh*t, so now we all gotta help her clear out the mess. Lucky for you, the mess includes:

  • FwB subscriptions for 60 credits
  • 50% off Fertilizer
  • 30 credit Gold Roses and Friend Gold Roses
  • 50% off on Ox
  • Seeds for 1 BB!

And many more. Set your alarm for Friday at Noon and bring your shopping totes 'cause you're gonna leave with TONS of awesome items. Can't wait!


Happy Hour FIESTA!!

Hello farmers!

Are you ready for tomorrow's party?

We have some special news to share with you: during tomorrow's sale we'll be restocking the store several times from Noon until 4PM! Yup, that gives you LOTS of time so you can shop 'til you drop. Wanna find our more about the items that'll be on sale tomorrow? Then check out this list:

BarnBux Items

  • 50% off horses (1st batch)
  • 50% off Super Watermelon Seeds (1st batch)
  • Ox: bigger supply!
  • 50% off Pumpkins
  • Dirty cheap Koalas and Eucalyptus tree
  • Mega fishy discount on Aquarium items
  • Many many more!

Credit Items: Discounts on all of the following

  • Baby Crocodile
  • Friend Baby Crocodile
  • Empty Hot Tub
  • Friend Empty Hot Tub
  • Baby Flying Eagle
  • Friend Baby Flying Eagle
  • Baby Skunk

Etc, etc,etc. The list goes on and on fellas. Seriously, you better start stretching those thumbs tonight because you are in for a real treat tomorrow. Remember that we will RESTOCK the store from Noon until 4PM PST - but there will be some EXCLUSIVE discounts right at the beginning of the sale, so you don't want to miss those.

Share the news with your friends! See you tomorrow.

Happy Hour - FIESTA Edition

It's official!

We are having a Happy Hour Sale - Fiesta edition on September 5th at Noon PST.

Why fiesta? Well, our friends in Mexico will be soon celebrating Independence Day - one of the biggest holidays of the year - so we want to join the celebration by releasing new - never seen before - items in the store! As you can see, these new items are a total surprise, so you better come to the sale to find out what they are!

A few highlights of the sale:

  • NEW items available with both BBs and Credits
  • airG Credit Items ON SALE
  • HUGE discounts on regular items
  • Discount on all time favorites like Super Watermelons, Horses, pumpkins etc.

Mark your calendars, bring on your dancing shoes and get ready to join the FIESTA!

Regular Sales For This Week:

  • Sale Today Monday at 4PM PST
  • Wednesday at 4PM PST
  • Friday at Noon PST

FwB Sale:

  • Friday at 4PM PST

Happy Monday!

Happy Hour Sale PREVIEW


We are so excited, we are running around like crazy to finish all the amazing content you'll see tomorrow. Seriously, this sale is going to be so intense - hope you can take it.

Let's start with a sale sample of items available with Credits:

  • Black White Calf - 30 credits (10 credits off!)
  • Baby Panda - 40 credits (20 credits off!)
  • Baby Black Sheep - 60 credits (20 credits off)


  • Baby Squirrel - 50 credits
  • Baby Squirrel (F) -  50 credits
  • Baby Skunk - 50 credits
  • Baby Skunk (F) - 50 credits

And many..MANY more!

Now, check out some of the sales on products available with BBs

  • OX (personal and friend) 50% off for a few minutes! Then back to a discounted price
  • Baby Horse - 1,500,000 , 500K off!
  • Baby Horse (F) - 800,000 - 200K off!
  • Super Watermelon (both friend and personal) - 50,000, 50% off for the 1st round! then up to 80,000
  • Other favorites (pineapples, kiwis, etc) 50% off!


  • Green Mushrooms
  • Red Mushrooms
  • Shiitake Mushrooms
  • Oak Tree

And many other surprises!

Set your alarm clock and be prepared to shop til you drop!

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Weekly Schedule + NEW Items!

Hello farmers!

This week we have a Happy Hour SALE happening, it's gonna be huge! Before we jump to this week's schedule - check out the NEW items we'll be releasing during Happy Hour


And many more! All of these new goodies will be part of our FOREST PLOT.

Weekly schedule:


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