Farm Updates!

  • Farm Hand is Such a Slacker: The team is aware there is somethinig funky happening with the farm hand and is currently investigating the issue. We thank you for your patience while the team finds out what the heck is wrong with these lazy ass robots. Jeezz...can't trust them.
  • Twitter Login for the BBW App Was Drunk: Twitter login in the BBW App is now working. You can either login or sign up with your personal twitter account. NOTE: This is only for members that have already created an account on airGames using Twitter or for those who want a NEW account. If you already have an existing account, DO NOT try to login with Twitter as you will create a NEW farm and we won't be able to connect it to your original account.
  • Slow As F*CK Farm: Some of you have contacted us mentioning that the farm seems to load reaaaally slow, and in some cases you have to refresh the page several times to be able to see it. We also are looking into this as it may be an issue with the way the page is being displayed on your device. If you have any specific examples, please send them over to
  • Daily Stamp Being a Little B*tch: So apparently the daily stamp is acting up and some accounts are finding difficult to press "STAMP" on their phone. If this is happening to you, please send us this info: phone brand and model, username on airG and airGames, and a detailed description of what's happening when you tap on STAMP. NOTE: Don't try to be a smarty pants and pretend "it doesn't work", we have tech info that shows everything you do, if you lie, YOU WILL PAY FOR IT! Muah ha haaa.

Woweee..We have a lot of laundry to do. Peace!

Huge News!

Hello farmers!

We have BIG news for you today. Sit tight and read the following message:

As you know Big Barn World has become a great online community filled with people that love to meet new friends while playing and farming. With that in mind the team created a new product that will be focused primarily on gaming. It will be different from our airG site and in a way, it'll be its own little world. 

The new product will be called airGames! These are some initial details about it:

  • airGames will be a new online community that will focus on gaming - that means fun fun fun every hour, everyday!
  • It will have a separate set of features from airG. These new features will be exclusive to airGames
  • Even though these are two different products (airGames and airG) there's still a shared connection between them
  • We will make it super easy for you to move around airG and airGames, so don't panic!
  • airGames is FREE (just like BBW) and will also offer premium services available with airG Credits

When is airGames launching?

The new community will launch very soon, perhaps in a few weeks. As soon as we know the final date of launching, we'll let you know. In the coming days we are going to have tons of info about this change - from how airGames is going to work to "what about this and that" type of questions. 

Please note that BIG BARN WORLD WILL NOT GO AWAY. It will become part of airGames and all of your goodies, BBs, Credits, everything will remain the same. (Even your BBW friends!) As mentioned, in the coming days we will give you more details of how the new BBW will look like.

Get ready to be part of yet another amazing community!

Weekly Schedule

Happy Monday farmers!

Here's the weekly sales schedule:

  • Monday at 4PM 
  • Wednesday at 1PM
  • Friday at Noon


  • Friday  at 5PM

All sales are in Pacific Time.

Message from Melonie:

Hi friends!! How was your weekend? Mine was so busy! I was cleaning up the workshop so we could open it this week! Don't forget to collect your helpers so you can come and spin with me on Friday. Oh, and guess what? The Chupacabras has been added as one of the top prizes, so you should definitely pop by.

One last thing - I'll be adding a few FwB specials during regular sales , hope you catch them all!

See ya :)


Happy Weekend!

The weekend has arrived amigos!

  • Happy Hour FIESTA sale: Have you left a comment in our FIESTA forum? Go to the BBW forums now and leave us your suggestions
  • Auction House: we have gotten lots of inquiries regarding the AH and delivery times - PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT IT TAKES UP TO 24HRS TO RECEIVE YOUR GOODS

Sales for next week:

We won't have our usual Monday sale because we really wanna spoil you during our Happy Hour on Wednesday! More info about sales will be posted in here next week.

Enjoy the weekend!

Happy Hour - FIESTA Edition

It's official!

We are having a Happy Hour Sale - Fiesta edition on September 5th at Noon PST.

Why fiesta? Well, our friends in Mexico will be soon celebrating Independence Day - one of the biggest holidays of the year - so we want to join the celebration by releasing new - never seen before - items in the store! As you can see, these new items are a total surprise, so you better come to the sale to find out what they are!

A few highlights of the sale:

  • NEW items available with both BBs and Credits
  • airG Credit Items ON SALE
  • HUGE discounts on regular items
  • Discount on all time favorites like Super Watermelons, Horses, pumpkins etc.

Mark your calendars, bring on your dancing shoes and get ready to join the FIESTA!

Regular Sales For This Week:

  • Sale Today Monday at 4PM PST
  • Wednesday at 4PM PST
  • Friday at Noon PST

FwB Sale:

  • Friday at 4PM PST

Happy Monday!


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