Sales - Week of July 22nd


  • Monday: 4PM
  • Wednesday: 4PM
  • Friday: 4PM


  • Friday: 5PM


Weekend Updates

We've got news for you!

  • New Japanese Items: if you visit Melonie's farm you'll see some of them, but some others are still hidden deep in the BBW Japanese forest. Keep your eyes open for the launch of these courageous fighters.
  • New set of plots: We gotzz mo ploooots! Sorry, we got carried away.  But seriously, we recently launched a new row of plots to increase the cool factor in your farm. We are so stoked to see that you guys are already working your magic on them! Keep it up!
  • CONTEST: Next week we'll have a very cool contest where we'll put your creative skills to the test. Find out all the details to participate here on the blog!

Happy weekend!


Sales - Week of July 8th


  • Monday: 5PM
  • Wednesday: 4PM
  • Friday: Noon


  • Friday: 1PM


  • Friday: Noon

All sales are in Pacific Time.

Sales - Week of July 1st

Hi farmers!

Melonie is back from tanning and she's ready to open the store for all of you.


  • Tuesday: 4PM
  • Thursday: 5PM
  • Friday Noon


  • Friday: 1PM

All sales are in Pacific Time. Enjoy!

Weekend Updates

Happy Friday farmers!

We have a few updates for you today. We recently released a cute new 4th of July themed bling (seen above), fixed some bugs, and polished some other things.

  • Auction House bug:  Thanks to a bunch of helpful members, we were able to locate the Auction House issue and the team has launched a fix for it. If you are still not able to bid, please contact us so we can investigate.
  • BBW app banner: If you use your browser to play BBW, you'll notice we placed a banner at the very top of your screen with a link to download the official BBW app. If you already have the app, simply close tha banner and you're good to go. If you haven't, then what are you waiting for? The app has tons of cool features, including sale notifications.
  • New content: You like chickens? You love puppies? You feast on hot dogs? Then you'll be all over our new 4th of July content! New content includes: Army Bulldog, Navy Bulldog, Hot Dog Tree, Liberty Chicken, and more!

  • #FF Sale: Today at Noon PST. Come and take advantage of our specials on 4th of July items both, old and new! 

Also, the team will be away on Monday July 1st to celebrate Canada Day, so there won't be any scheduled sales for that day. All sales will resume on Tuesday July the 2nd (check the blog for times).

Happy weekend, farmers.


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