Sales - Week of August 6th


  • Tuesday: 4PM
  • Friday: 1PM


  • Friday: 2PM

All sales are in Pacific Time.

The Big Farm Design GIVEAWAY!!


Want to win some goodies? Then keep reading

Introducing The Farm Design Giveaway. For this giveaway you'll have to use your interior designer skills - well, more like plot designer skills - to win the GRAND PRIZE. Here's how you can participate:

  1. Create an original farm design using ALL of your plots, including the new column of extra plots that the team added a few weeks ago. You can choose a theme, a pattern, or anything that's eye-catching.
  2. Take a screenshot of your farm design. You can take a screenshot directly from your phone, or you can take a photo of your computer screen that CLEARLY shows your farm design.
  3. Post your photo on our Facebook page: along with your AIRGAMES USERNAME.
  4. Get your friends to vote!
  5. Farmer with a combination of the following: votes + original design, will be chosen by the team as the GRAND WINNER. We'll also have 5 Runners Up!



  • Choice of Baby Plush Vampire Cow or Baby Plush Cupid Pig (personal)
  • 1 surprise Japanese item
  • 3 surprise Herb items
  • 50 personal fertilizers
  • 50 superfeed
  • 1 Gold personal Gacha Gift
  • 1 Gold friend Gacha Gift

5 Runners Up

  • 1 Surprise Herb item
  • 30 Personal fertilizer
  • 30 Superfeed
  • 1 Gold Friend Gacha gift

Tell your friends, style your farm, and win!

**Giveaway starts now and ends Friday August 9th. Winners will be announced on Monday August 12th. Open to ALL members of BBW**


Sales - Week of July 29th


  • Monday: 4PM
  • Wednesday: 5PM
  • Friday: Noon


  • Friday: 1PM

All sales are in PST.

Sales - Week of July 22nd


  • Monday: 4PM
  • Wednesday: 4PM
  • Friday: 4PM


  • Friday: 5PM


Weekend Updates

We've got news for you!

  • New Japanese Items: if you visit Melonie's farm you'll see some of them, but some others are still hidden deep in the BBW Japanese forest. Keep your eyes open for the launch of these courageous fighters.
  • New set of plots: We gotzz mo ploooots! Sorry, we got carried away.  But seriously, we recently launched a new row of plots to increase the cool factor in your farm. We are so stoked to see that you guys are already working your magic on them! Keep it up!
  • CONTEST: Next week we'll have a very cool contest where we'll put your creative skills to the test. Find out all the details to participate here on the blog!

Happy weekend!



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