Weekly Schedule

Happy Monday farmers!

Here's the weekly sales schedule:

  • Monday at 4PM 
  • Wednesday at 1PM
  • Friday at Noon


  • Friday  at 5PM

All sales are in Pacific Time.

Message from Melonie:

Hi friends!! How was your weekend? Mine was so busy! I was cleaning up the workshop so we could open it this week! Don't forget to collect your helpers so you can come and spin with me on Friday. Oh, and guess what? The Chupacabras has been added as one of the top prizes, so you should definitely pop by.

One last thing - I'll be adding a few FwB specials during regular sales , hope you catch them all!

See ya :)



please im here in israel what is the exact time,usually whenever i went to market all sold out all the items,im confused regarding the time..thank you so much in advance..gudday.

how s that that we wont b avaliable to get nessie by spinnin anymore? pls answer

Whats the exact tym in india.?plzzz reply fast...

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