Say hello to Melonie!

Guys!  Guess who just created a profile on airG?

The most famous lady of them all: airG-Melonie! That's right, this famous gal is now part of the team, here are her first - EVER - words to the community:

Hello farmers! This is Melonie! I know you've seen me before in the community, but now I have my own profile! Yep, it took me a while... I am a bit shy, you know? Watch out for new specials and surprises in Big Barn World. From now on you'll be able to see sneak peeks in my own farm.

Like I said, I am super shy so please send all your inquiries to airG-Sam and our support team - promise?

What are you waiting for! Come farm with me! First 500 farmers get to be my friend. Cute boys - move to the front of the line ;)

You heard it, you better run and send your friend request now! Oh, one more thing. To celebrate Melonie's arrival, we have released a new trophy:

Check it out in the premium section of the Quests


More news:

This little monster - better known at the Chupacabras - is luring the community. He's a sneaky fella, so you'll only be able to get him if you score one of the top prizes in Melonie's Workshop. Collect as many helpers as you can to spin and win next week when the workshop is open.

That's all for today folks. Happy farming!


Helloo. Melonie !! Owsome news !!

hello nice to have you playing with us :)

Hi I love the game melonie

welcome melonie to our farm families

Melonie how can i make sure its you I send friend request to there are a few imposters out there would luv to be bbw friends

Hello Melonie welcome, welcome,welcome please add mi on AirG!!!

love bbw and playing it. melonie u make sure u put me on your team !) and when do u think yall guys gone try some new seeds for the field plot and maybe new seeds for the safari plots before they go out of season lol !)

Hello sis welcome to. The big players haha just.kiding see u on the farm hun

Hello Melonie add me

Hi melonie. Howzzzzzz u?

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