The NEW Big Barn World App!

A message from airG-BBW

Hi Farmers! First off, we're proud to announce the Big Barn World Companion Android App! While this app is not the game itself, we have implemented many helpful utilities that should make your life easier including the all new Farm-o-meter 4000 (which lets you know if your farm needs tending). We have an improved Friends List that sorts by online presence first as well as it displaying which farmer has empty plots. What's most exciting are push notifications, which you will receive when certain things happen in Big Barn World.

This is only our first crack at the app. We want your feedback on it and we want to improve it. Having said that, here's a glimpse at what we're planning next for the app:

  • Sales Notification - That's right. We'll be pushing the notifications straight to your device when we have any surprise sales.
  • Daily Spin - Everyone who has the app will be able to complete a daily spin for special goodies! Spin several days in a row to get even more goodies!
  • Super Spin - A chance to do a super spin to get exclusive rare goodies for the new Cloud plot.
  • Friend Invites - A more user-friendly way of inviting new farmers into Big Barn World. Players who invite friends will get to use a Super Spin!

Thanks all for the great feedback so far. Remember, this app is not a final build and we're more than happy to keep building new features into this game. Oh and the iPhone/iPad app is in the works.

Download it now!



its so great to play games

Hi, I'm Ezra John Gubata of AirGames (previously ejrooocks28), It's nice to hear that you now have an application for android. but it's better if you also have an application for JAVA phones.

I hope this comment wasn't a bothering comment for you admins, I'm suggesting this thing for a good result :) Happy Farming!

Why everytime I spin the wheel ,and I win bArnold bucks ,I never see them why?

Can Big Barn World app work on my Kindle?

Please make the app compatible with all smart phones. I have just upgraded phones from a BlackBerry curve that couldn't get the app and now have a Samsung with windows 7.5 and still can't get the app. I believe that if the app was available to more people that many wouldn't leave the game.

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