How does the Auction House system work?

Players can navigate to the Auction House (AH) by clicking on the Auction House icon at the navigation bar. Once in the AH, the player will be presented with a list of current auctions hosted by players in the BBW Community. Players can then select the My Listings tab to check out all the listings that player has. The player can also create a new item listing in this area. When creating a new auction listing, the player can select an item from their barn and specify the quantity as well as the type of currency the player chooses. All Barn Bux auctions will begin listing at 1 Barn Bux while all Credit auctions will begin listing at 2 credits. Once listed, the item will be stored safely until the auction expires or a winning bid has been made. The item will then transfer to the winning bidder or back to the owner if the auction expires with no winner. The payment amount minus a nominal transaction fee will be delivered to the seller. If the auction bid deposit is greater than the winning bid, then the difference will be refunded back to the buyer.