airGames is launching on Monday! Yeeehawww. Are you ready for it? Yes?!

Sometime during the day on Monday we'll turn on the switch and airGames will be officially live. That means you'll have access to all of our games, including BBW. Are you itching to know how it'll work? Well, itch no more! Here's how it'll go down:


The access to your farm will remain the same - simply click on the BBW banner on your profile and BAM! You'll be magically redirected to airGames. From there, you can exit BBW and discover all of our other games.


Once you are on the new BBW hosted on airGames - you will see LOTS of different features, including new navigation buttons. Take your time to explore the community! Also remember, airGames DOES NOT have any of airG's Chat and Flirt features. If you want to go back to airG - simply exit airGames. Super easy!

A few new favorites we know you'll all love are: the new airGames inbox (exclusive for gaming stuff!), new forums and new rules to prevent spamming and trolling! Woohoo


Your wallet will stay on the same spot and you will continue to buy credits the same way (this includes your transaction history)


If you happen to find a bug of sorts - which happens when something is so brand spanking new - please send us a message to with FULL DETAILS of your issue.


  • airGames is designed to be viewed by newer phones that can handle all the code. As you will see on Monday, the gaming community is quite different and more animated, so you'll need a phone that can handle the awesomeness. If your phone doesn't support airGames then you'll only be able to play Big Barn World.
  • If you see a "light" version of the site with little or no images - it means your phone may not be compatible with the site

Hope you enjoy it!! We are super excited to see you in there. Happy weekend :)


Awesome!!! Can't wait!

Hi good pm po mam/sir

join na po kayo sa site na para sa lahat :)

dito po sa

meron na po kaming 11k reg member at regular 50 to 100 online a day

register lang po
Valid eadd po dapat
ang gamitin nyo
at may 10k starting plusses na po kayo sa account nyo

meron po kaming
*winner take all
*jack and poy

At meron din po kaming
*RPG WAR sa mga mahilig maglaro ng RPG GAMES
magugus2han to ng mga gamers

meron din po kaming
*Big Barn World
Para dun sa mahilig magtnim tanim :)

register lang po
at kami na ang bahala mag welcome sa inyo

thankyou godbless :)

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