News flash!!


We have so many things happening today:

Auction House: Buy and sell items for either BBs or Credits

Aquarium: Get your bathing suit on! The new plot will be released today with a couple of VERY LIMITED items. More items will be released at a later date. Make sure to keep your eyes open for it! 

SALE: We'll have a sale hosted by airG-Mike at 2:00 PM PT - don't miss it!

Whoa. So much going on. Ok, less chat more farm - get your barn ready and share the news with your buddies!


Giveaway FINALISTS / Auction House

BBW Voting time!

Finalists will be posted on Facebook and you have to vote for them by clicking on "Like" - easy!

Drum roll please....

1. Finalist


2nd Finalist:

3rd Finalist:


Go to Facebook and vote now!!! Voting will close on Sunday May 27th

Auction House!

The Auction House is coming to town. We are planning to launch this new awesome feature tomorrow Thursday at some point during the day. Keep your eyes open and your barn ready cuz you'll be able to buy and sell amazing goods.

AND.... we also have a Happy Hour Sale SUMMER LOVIN Edition coming with new items never seen before. More info to come.

Go farm now!



Hi farmers!

Did you miss us?

Let's get some sales started:

  • Sale today Tuesday at 4PM PT
  • Sale Thursday at 2 PM PT
  • Sale Friday at 4PM PT


Auction House!

The Auction House is coming VERY soon farmers - perhaps next week! Woop woop.

For today's post we'll show you a few new icons that you'll see around the house, become familiar with them so you can be THE ace of the auctions:

Premium Auction Listing: list an item with airG Credits! You can start with 1 listing - but why stop there? Purchase extra listings with airG Credits and roll in some mad cheddar!

Regular Auction Listing: List an item with Barn Bux. You'll get a few to begin with, but you can always buy more.

Top Bidder: Who's going to be the next top Auction House master?

Share: Share a bid with your friends! You can select 1 or all. 

Add to your watchlist: Want to lure in the dark until the price is right? Then add a listing to your watchlist and see the magic unfold.

Auction ending soon: Whenever you see this icon you gotta hurry and bid like a mad man

Auction closed: No more bidding!

Not enough money: aah..buddy. Go get more cash.

Outbid: oh snap! Go bid again, don't let them take your sh... stuff.

Alright farmers, that's all for today. Monday we'll have MORE info including the FINALISTS of our Facebook giveaway!

Happy weekend everyone :)


Sales Schedule - May 14th

Here's your weekly schedule fellas :)  Oh, btw, we had a little surprise sale this morning - hope you got some seeds!

Wednesday: Sale at 2PM PT

Friday: Sale at 4PM PT

Visit the blog tomorrow for some weekly news. 



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