NEW Feature - BBW Auction House

We got news for you! We have a new feature coming to the farm - The BBW Auction House!

What is it?

The Auction House is a new feature where the BBW Community will be able to participate in a market like environment. Players will be able to list any of their items in the Auction House for sale in either Barn Bux or airG Credits.

Your weekly schedule + GIVEAWAY

Want a sale today? Fine, we'll give it to yah.

Check out the time for this week's sale:

  • Sale today Monday May 7th at 4PM PST
  • Sale on Wednesday at noon PST
  • Sale on Friday at 4PM PST


While we get our Happy Hour Summer edition ready, we wanted to give you something special. Want to win the following?

  • FREE VIP plots for 3 months
  • 4 Friend wolves - one of each type!
  • 1 Million potatoes to donate to the Community Quests
  • 500 Personal Melonie's Helpers

Here's how you can enter:

  • Take a picture of yourself dressed up as a farmer
  • Post the picture on our Facebook page along with your airG username
  • You have until Friday May 18th to upload the pic on our wall. Once all pictures are posted the Big Barn World team will choose the finalists
  • After we picked our favs, the community will vote
  • The one with the most votes WINS!


  • Be creative!
  • Use props to help you get into character
  • Get your friends to participate


  • You can only submit pictures of yourself and your friends - no stock photos or "fake" people will be admitted
  • You can submit as many pictures as you want but PLEASE only upload each of them once (no spamming!)
  • Make sure to enter your airG username, otherwise you'll be disqualified
  • BBW team will chose the finalists on May 18th and voting will start on May 21st.
  • Winner will be announced on Monday May 28th
  • Please do not use any profanity, nudity or discrimination in your pictures. Simply follow the community rules on airG - otherwise your picture will be deleted.



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Weekend updates!

Happy Friday farmers!

Are you going to party this weekend? Are you staying at home? Whatever it is you're doing, we have lots of fun saved for you here in Big Barn World. Let's start the weekend with some updates:

  • BETTER ITEMS AT MELONIE'S WORKSHOP: You sent us your feedback and we heard it! We have improved - again - lots of items in Melonie's workshop. Here are a few examples: No more piggies, brown snakes are in, better % of credit items and a better chance of getting fertilizer!
  • PLANNING OF HAPPY HOUR: Yep, it'll be a HUGE one! We are planning to have a mega Happy Hour sale to welcome the new summer season. If you have some ideas in mind, don't be shy! Send them over so the team takes them into consideration
  • GIVEAWAY ON MONDAY: Free VIP plots for a month, free animals and a few other surprises, all for ONE LUCKY FARMER. Tune in Monday to find out more!
  • SECURITY - PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNT! We want to remind everyone to be safe and to NEVER share your personal info with people you don't trust. Also, DO NOT CLICK on links sent by other users. Unless you're using your carrier's site - unofficial links will threaten your security and you could end up losing your account! Please remember that there are no sites with "free airG Credits and VIP" . Be chat smart!

Happy weekend farmers!

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Schedule for the week of April 30th

Happy Monday!

We are shaking things up this week, so guess what?

Surprise sales!

That's right. The only scheduled sale will be for Friday at 4PM PST. The rest of the sales will happen at random times, this will give everyone a chance to get good stuff; Horses, Oxen, Peacocks, Breweries, Super Watermelons, the works! 


Want to really focus your attention in your farm? Then turn off those awesomely colourful ads. ALL forms of payment are accepted (not only PayPal as previously mentioned) that means you can buy credits through your carrier or ZONG and still enjoy this perk. Go get some now!

Stay tuned for more weekly updates. 

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Q&A Session!

Hey farmers, last week we got you to send a bunch of questions to the team, today we have answers for you! Get the weekend started with a dose of Q&A:

  • Why do we only get one safari plot? conna_a

airg-bbw: The Safari items are meant to be something special, like the Halloween Grave plots. We may increase the limit as we release new content.

  • Is there any way you can pay pal vip status?  miasophia40

airg-bbw: We are looking at adding this in the future. Don't worry, we got you covered.

  • 1st will you ever be able to purchase helpers in the store or with credits? 2nd if you have the biggest treehouse why cant we deploy up to 5 helpers at a time? makemeloveyou

airg-bbw: 1: Melonie’s Helpers (Personal) are available for purchase through the store for credits. You will get a much better value though if you purchase the credit traps. 2: We’re thinking about adding “Groups of Helpers” that you can deploy into a tree house. Could be in groups of 3 or 5 or so on. But we haven’t worked out the details and balance of that yet. That’s still in the works. 

  • Here's one i'm REALLY curious about . . . Why did you remove the 3 and 10 dollar options from the credit by text payment option? Now i can only buy 1 or 5 dollar's worth at a time so now we have to pay more for less if we want any more than 56 credits. Happyherder

airg-bbw: That’s actually to do with Zong. Zong removed the payment options temporarily. By the time you read this, they should have restored it back!

  • Why is there animals in the community quest that can only be purchased using credits i thought community meant everyone. Also what about adding Black&Grizzly bears & Elk,Moose,how about The big ol Texas long horn. farmerred

airg-bbw: It’s a community quest to release a credit item. Even though some of you may not purchase them when unlocked, they can still be purchased for you by your friends. So be nice to your friends. =)

  • Are you going to have Cinco De Mayo themes? Queenofboss

airg-bbw: Creo que no! That means: maybe not this year, we have new things coming so the team is super busy trying to get everything ready. But maybe next year? yes?

  • Can you please make a NEW expensive seeds than supermelons or pumpkins? Cause some of my friends are getting bored to the supermelons and pumpkins seeds. xStupid

airg-bbw: We have a bunch of surprises that’s coming up in the very near future so stay tuned! It'll be pretty intense

Thanks everyone! Enjoy your weekend :)

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