Weekly Schedule + Auction Tips

Hi farmers! Here's the schedule for the week:

  • Sale today Monday June 4th at 4PM PT
  • Sale Friday at 1PM PT

Yep, we only have 2 sales this week. Since the auction house is open, we want you to really use it for your own benefit! Remember that you can find pretty awesome deals in there. A few tips to score goodies at a reasonable price are:

  • Check ALL items, not just the ones on the 1st page. Items on the 1st page usually get LOTS of bids, so the price might be high. 
  • Use the SEARCH tool! This tool is super handy when it comes to finding the best deals. With the tool you can search for specific items. E.g. "baby beluga" or "super watermelon" but you can also target different types: e.g. "crops" or "animals"
  • Use the FILTERS! In addition to the search tool, you can also filter your results; this is super useful when you just want to spend either BBs or Credits. As well, filter by price! If you click the green "triangles" next to "cost" you can sort them: from lowest to highest or the other way around - remember to go for the cheap ones!

Let us know your feedback about the sales and the Auction House. You can leave your comments in here or in the BBW forums.

Happy farming!


Weekend Updates

Hi farmers!

We've got lots of info for ya:

Tutorials. airG-Mike has created some super handy tutorials for the community - Auction House, airG Credits and general community questions are all included.

  • How-To Share Auctions: Click here
  • Auction House FAQ's: Click here (scroll down to find them on the wall)
  • How-To Report members Click here
  • PayPal guide to purchase credits and general Auction House questions: Visit the official announcements section in the BBW forums

Auction House Adjustments

All transactions have been adjusted and the team has returned all airG Credits and BBs to affected members. If your account was affected, please contact airG-Sam with the following:

  • Auction number (you can find this in your airG Wallet, under Transaction History on top of the screen)
  • Amount of credits
  • Date and time of the Auction

Please note that only affected accounts will be investigated. 


Next week we are putting a spin on the sales. Now that the Auction House is open, we'll have a few changes coming. More info to come!

BBW Giveaway Winner

This week the Big Barn World delivered Beautiful_Ayessa's prizes. She wanted to share a few words with you:

To all of my BBW friends and everyone who voted for me, Thank you!

That's the spirit!

Alrighty farmers, that's all for today. Enjoy the weekend!

PS - the items above in the banner will be available in the Auction House! Courtesy of airG-BBW. 




Congratulations to our Big Barn World giveaway winner - beautiful_ayessa 

In this pictures she's sporting a Melonie inspired outfit - she even has a Toy baby sheepdog!

As the winner of this giveaway, Ayessa is getting:

  • 3 Months of FREE VIP plots
  • 4 Friend wolves - one of each kind
  • 1 Million squashes to donate to the community quests
  • 500 personal helpers

Thanks everyone for participating!

Keep your eyes open for a possible mini surprise sale today. A few other updates from the community

Safari Plots: We have increased them to 3 per farm! Go bananas!

airG Credits have been adjusted, as well as animals and items from last weekend's Auction House.

We will be addressing issues with BBs today and tomorrow - accounts with negative BBs will be fixed as well. Please check the official announcements section in BBW for more info.


This Week On BBW

Auction House:

The house has closed for the time being. The BBW team is working on it - traffic was so high that Melonie had to take a rest.

  • We will refund all members affected by the bidding bug this weekend.
  • The house will be revamped to accommodate more members and more bids!
  • Had issues sharing your bid last week? Don't worry, the team is aware of it and will take action

We also received several questions from our members asking how to disable Auction House messages in their inbox - to do this (when the house is back) Just click on your farm's personal options (the gear icon) and turn them off. Easy!


Here's the weekly schedule:

  • Monday at 4PM PT
  • Friday at 4PM PT

We may have a supervise sale on Wednesday, so keep your eye out just in case we do!


Thanks everyone for participating! The giveaway is now closed and we'll be announcing the winner tomorrow here on the blog!


In 2 weeks we're going to have a HUGE blowout sale. For this summer edition we will cut prices on most of your favorite items and we'll release new seeds and animals never seen before!

  • New aquarium items
  • Brand new seeds
  • Up to 50% off on items available with BBs and airG Credits

That's all for today. Happy Monday folks! 

Weekend updates!

Hi farmers!

How crazy? The auction house is open, the sale was super busy and we released the aquarium. Yowza!

Here are our weekend updates:

Auction House FAQ: Do you need extra info about the house? Check out our FB note with tons of info: CLICK HERE

VOTE: Visit our FB page and vote for your favorite farmer. Winner will get 3 months of FREE VIP plots + other awesome gifts: CLICK HERE

Important info: Please visit the official Big Barn World announcements section in the forums for important information regarding the auction house. We are experiencing a high number of transactions, so your BBs / Credits / Prizes may be a bit delayed. Keep an eye on forums for any last minute updates.



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