Featured Farmer: sexy-rere!

Hey Farmers! Happy Friday! Once again we're happy to present another edition of Featured Farmer! This week we'll be talking to community member sexy-rere, who's a longtime member of both airG and Big Barn World! Here's what they had to say:


airG: How long have you been on airG and BBW?

sexy-rere: I've been on airG since 2006 and Big Barn World from a year or so after that!

airG: What's your favorite thing about the farm?

sexy-rere: I'm gald we finally got more plots! I also love the different variety of animals. I remember when cows were a sale item and so were melons. That was way before we had to grow our own wheat.

airG: So nostalgic! Lastly, how would you describe yourself to the community of Farmers out there?

Auction House Help and Reminder

Hey Farmers! We've been getting a lot of questions and concerns about the Auction House, so here's some information to help you out!

Q: My Auction finished and I haven't received my item/currency! Where are they?

A: Because of the large amount of Auctions taking place, occasionally there will be a delay in distributing the items or currency from finished Auctions. It shouldn't take more than 24 hours, and if it does then contact Support with a detailed message describing your situation.

Q: I didn't get my receipt! Do I not get one?

A: Because of the delays, receipts may occasionally appear in your inbox after the Auction has finished. Also, if your inbox is full or busy, it may get pushed out by the time you get to checking your Airmails. 

Q: Where can I view finished Auctions that used Credits?

Happy 4h of July!

Happy 4th of July farmers!

Are you going to celebrate big time? We bet you are!

To join the party the team has decided to have a sale TODAY! Sale will be at noon PT. 

Next sale after that will be on Friday at 4PM PT. - Get your hands on exclusive 4th of July items!

On other news we would like to remind everyone to keep a watchful eye on any suspicious accounts that pose as "agents" giving you either loans or prizes. airg DOES NOT ALLOW any type of solicitation - any offers (money or loans) are a scam, no matter what they say! The only official staff member that will contact you in case you have won something is airG-Promotions and it will only be for airG related contests. Please note that we will NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY in exchange for a prize.

Share this with everyone and please report any fishy accounts to airg-Sam, airG-Mike or airG-Espanol.

Thank you and happy farming!


Featured Farmer: freeverse + 4th of July Items

Hello Farmers! We're back with another Featured Farmer interview, and this week we're talking to community member freeverse! Here's what freeverse had to say in our chat.




airG: How long have you been on airG and BBW?
freeverse: Well, I've been on airG for a year and playing BBW for 10 months now. 
airG: What's your favorite thing about the farm?
freeverse: Everything! I spend most of my time playing BBW except when I'm at school. I love all those sales, especially when I was able to get my barn full. I also love the friendly farmers, being to learn the strategies, and the airG-staff of course!
airG: How would you describe yourself to the community of farmers out there?
freeverse: I'm the typical simple but helpful farmer that you might might want to be friends with! xoxo
Fantastic! Much thanks to freeverse for talking with us. Make sure to go and say hello!

4th of July Items

Next week we'll launch our brand new 4th of July items to celebrate with our friend in USA. These items will be launched on Tuesday July 3rd at 4PM PST. Don't miss the sale!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

4th of July!

Did you see the new gifts our friends on the airG team just released? Pretty cool, huh?

The Big Barn World team didn't want to stay behind so, guess what? We have surprise for all of you!

To celebrate 4th of July with our friends in the USA we have created brand new content for this date. The new content will be available in very limited quantities and it'll be launched next week (date will be announced on Friday!) We suggest you prepare your barns for it, it's going to be a blue-red-and-white colored party!

Pictures of the content are now available in the BBW forums. Enjoy!


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