Sales - Week of June 24th


  • Monday: 4PM
  • Wednesday: Noon
  • Friday: Noon


  • Friday: 1PM


  • Friday: Noon - 4th of July special!

All sales in Pacific Time.

Sales: Week of June 17th

Happy Monday!

Have you started gathering items to get the latest bling? If you need some extra seeds for it, the come to one of our sales:


  • Monday: 4PM
  • Wednesday: Noon
  • Friday: 4PM


  • Friday: 5PM


  • Friday: 4PM - Safari special! 

June PayPal Promo

Hi Farmers! We have another sweet promo for those who use PayPal in June. The cutoff Period for the week will be on Friday @ 5PM PST on June 14 and June 30. Redemption time will be on June 17 and July 1. 

Period 1 - May 31 @ 5PM PST - TO - June 14 @ 5PM PST
Period 2 - June 14 @ 5PM PST - TO - June 30 @ 5PM PST

All items will be auctionable. Those in higher tiers will be eligible for rewards in the lower tier also.

Tier 1 - $4.99 or more - Baby Paper Dragon
Tier 2 - $24.99 or more - Friend Baby Paper Dragon
Tier 3 - $49.99 or more -  10x Super Magic Wands, 10x Friend Super Magic Wands
Tier 4 - $99.99 or more - Baby Love Panda
Tier 5 - $249.99 or more - Baby Albino Trex (will also be in the workshop's superspin as a rare item)
Tier 6 -  $499.99 or more - Friend Baby Albino Trex (will also be in the workshop's superspin as a rare item) and more importantly, our utmost love and thanks!


Sales for the week of June 10th

  • Monday 4PM
  • Wednesday 4PM
  • Friday 1PM


  • Friday 2PM

All sales are in Pacific Time!

Weekend Updates + New Bling!

Eek! The Hoppity Kangaroo is here. Super cute, yes?! We'll be launching this new bling today, so as soon as you see it in your Quests, click on it to see what tasks you need to complete.


  • NEW airGames profile is up and running! Go check it out, there are a few nifty options you'll love
  • Photos on airGames: You have 3 options to choose from;  airGames avatar, photo from Facebook, or upload your own.
  • Photo approval: We are currently working to expedite the process of approval on airGames photos, if yours hasn't been approved yet, please be patient while the team gets to it. Our queue will be slow on weekends, so expect some delays during this time.
  • #FF Sale today at 4PM: Don't miss this awesome sale where you'll be able to buy new Outback Items (which will count towards the NEW bling!). See you at 4PM PST

Happy weekend!


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