airG Credits!

Hello Farmers! How was your weekend? We hope you had an awesome one.  Over here, we were anxiously waiting to give you more info about airG Credits – if you didn’t read the news, then check in here.

So, what are airG Credits and how are they going to work?

First we want to introduce you to Barn Bux or BBs in short.  Barn Bux will be the new official name for BBW dollars.  Instead of seeing the dollar sign ($) for each item’s price in the store, you’ll see the new Barn Bux sign!

Now, let’s get to the fillet mignon – airG credits. What are they?  airG Credits allow you to purchase special BBW items or “Power Ups”.  airG Credits are different from Barn Bux!

To purchase airG Credits you will need to validate your mobile number on airG and be on one of the supported mobile providers.  Once you have selected an airG Credits package and your payment has gone through, you will receive airG Credits in your brand new airG wallet.  You can then use them to go shopping in the BBW store.  Easy!  This is a brand new product that gives more of our members the opportunity to enjoy premium BBW content.  Our new airG credits will help both VIP and non-VIP members to improve their game play!

As with any other business, creating content takes time and effort, so your continual support for the game will help us expand the BBW world, allowing us to design and create exciting new features and items. We also want to stress the fact that the main mechanics of BBW will remain the same and most things can still be purchased with Barn Bux.  It’s your choice whether you want to spend airG Credits or not!  Either way, you can keep on farming regardless of the extras you purchase!

And this is how the airG credits and Barn Bux look like:

airG Credits

Barn Bux

Stay tuned for more updates, such as details for the new “Power Ups”  and special items!

Happy farming

Español: granjeros! las fotos de este articulo son de los nuevos creditos de airG! Ahora ya no veran el signo de dolar en la tienda de BBW, ahora veran "Barn Bux" los cuales son los billetes. Los Creditos de airG seran la moneda. Estos nuevos creditos te daran la oportunidad de comprar nuevos articulos.  Para comprarlos necesitaras estar en una compañia que soporta esta nueva funcion. Pronto tendremos mas informacion!


To hard to access wallet

help me please to get credits

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